Testimonials About Our Plumbing Services

Raffi and CAL Green Plumbing provided amazing customer service. I had initially gotten a higher bid from another company that had to make three visits before giving me an estimate. Without showing me or explaining, I was told my line was cracked with roots and I needed to replace the first half of the line and hydro-jet the rest. When they left, the hose wasn't put away and the clean-out caps were not put back on. I called CAL Green Plumbing to see if I could get a better price and I did along with much better service! Raffi was at my house the next day and fully explained the situation and my options, patiently answering all the questions I had. When work began, he was also on-site and made an effort included me in every step of the process. After the first day of work he gave me a DVD showing the work they completed as well as the damaged clay pipe so that I could get other bids if I wanted to. All work was completed within two work days and the backyard was immaculate when they finished each day. Couldn't be more pleased with the work and service they provided!!!

-Alicia Katano

The washer drain backed up, and while I was waiting (all day) for a call back from my previous serviceman, the toilet backed up. In desperation, I grabbed the yellow pages, but then remembered Angie's List. I called Raffi, who called back immediately, and came to my house promptly, even though it was then after 5 P.M. He was very pleasant and professional, diagnosed the problem quickly, gave me a price, and got right to work, climbing on the roof to get the access needed to clear the blockage. He didn't try to charge extra for "overtime", and was very knowledgeable and efficient. He wasn't pushy and didn't try to scare me into having extensive work done. I had him back to install a clean-out to prevent a future backup, and also to repair a broken pipe under the house, which he was able to show me by taking photos. Again he was courteous and on time, and he listened to me and answered my questions. I was extremely pleased with his work, and recommend him highly. I will not hesitate to call him in the future.

-Roa Brand

It was a terrific experience! We set up an appointment a couple of days ago. Raffi showed up on time, and did exactly what we asked him to do PLUS extra work(he fixed one of our outdoor faucets with no extra charge). I had 3 other plumbers to give me a quote but none of them was close to his. He replaced all of our shower fixture, a sink faucet, and one outdoor faucet for just $500 including the parts. Thanks to Raffi, now our bathroom shower fixtures are all new and shiny. He was prompt, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

-Kevin Cullen

Raffi was very responsive in answering my initial questions over the phone and setting up the appointment. He even called me the evening before to confirm he was coming. He arrived on time and after he looked over everything, gave me a quote for the work. I agreed to the amount and he completed the work quickly while I dealt with some other workmen who happened to be at the house the same time. After he finished he confirmed the work he completed and then we talked about ways to save money and be greener in my household. He gave me several great ideas that I will follow up on, and even convinced me that one idea was not worth pursuing even though his company offers that service. After he and the other workmen left I discovered that the pop-up on the sink didn't go very high causing the water to drain slowly. I called up Raffi and he promised to come out the next day. Unfortunately, he did not show and I had to call him several times before he picked up. He was caught up on a rush job and forgot about his quick visit to me. He did apologize and we set up another date which he showed up on time and quickly fixed the problem. I was happy with his work, his expertise and his courtesy.

-Homer Tom

Raffi returned my initial call promptly and said he could come to my house and address the problem within a few hours. He offered a 1-hour time frame, called when he was on his way, and arrived on time. Raffi is very professional and pleasant to work with. He solved the drainage problem which was not a simple matter of cleaning out a stopped sewer line. He offered to do what was necessary to get the job done right, now and in the future, by placing the clean-out in a more accessible place.

-Maureen O'Connor

Raffi was very experienced and knowledgeable about our plumbing problem. He was very professional. If you ever need a plumber Raffi is the one to call upon, he is dependable and made it a pleasant experience. Our main sewer line is working great what a relief! Having a clogged drain with water backing up in your home is a nightmare. Now I know who to call if I ever have any plumbing issues. He honored the estimated price that we discussed over the phone and did not overcharge us.

-Adrienne Simmons